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This is an online forum on Midwestern American car finds. American cars have gotten a black eye in the past few decades. In fact, in certain parts of the world, people shy away from American brands like Ford, General Motors and Crisler. This really is quite a tragedy because if you’ve been paying attention to American automotive engineering, you would quickly realize that America has a lot to offer in terms of automotive excellence.

You have to remember that the modern car assembly line originated with Henry Ford in good old Michigan. Detroit led the way to mass car production. You may be thinking to yourself “so what? What’s the big deal about mass car productions? Isn’t the whole point of high quality cars customization is in the whole point of modern car excellence small batch production?” Well, that’s like getting mad at the road that made your little byroad to your golf course possible.

The main road is set by America, like it or not. That main road involves changing models year after year. That main production road involves creating a large manufacturing infrastructure that enables producers to collaborate regarding sub assembly so cars get produced sooner rather than later.

In other words, a lot of the technical management as well as infrastructure innovations that made the modern car possible came out of the good old US. These are exactly the kind of values that we celebrate here at

We believe that the domestic American brands have gotten a black eye for so long that they need their own form. We believe that brands like Ford, General Motors and others have gotten such a bad wrap that they need to be celebrated on a very specialized and focused basis.

This forum really is a love letter to Detroit’s grand contribution to all of humanity. It’s easy to write of the trait. After all, the city itself has seen better days. I don’t care how romantic you are regarding American car manufacturing’s storied past. Detroit, as it currently exist, is not looking very good. In fact, it’s on its death bed. Let’s call it for what it is.

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We’re not doing anybody any favors by sugar coating things or by denying that Detroit is very sick both as a city and as a concept. With that said, there is a lot to celebrate. American automotive giants have laid a foundation that has made the global car manufacturing infrastructure or superstructure a possibility.

In fact, it’s moved from a possibility to a reality. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Chinese car brands, Japanese car makers or Italian super cars, you have to give credit to where it’s due. You have to respect the original innovators.

With that said, we’re not content to just look at the glorious past of American domestic car manufacturing. This is not a nostalgia website. I know that may come as a shock because if you look at the many different pictures that we show here, we highlight the golden age of muscle cars, we make a big deal of the model tee and other pioneering car lines.

But make no mistake about it. We also devote a tremendous amount of digital real estate to the latest and greatest technology coming out of Detroit. We know deep down in our bones that the best years for the American cat manufacturing industry lies ahead.

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This doesn’t mean that it’s not facing challenges. This doesn’t mean that in many cases, it is facing existential threats. We’re not denying that. But the seeds are still there. Just as these seeds gave birth to mighty trees of innovation, disruption and ground breaking technology in the past, we believe that they are poised to give birth to disruption in the future. As you can probably tell, there is a lot of rethinking going on in the automotive industry especially with the rise of automotive innovators like Tesla.

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In fact, we believe that the real future for American cars lies in companies like Uber and self driving cars. Fully automated cars will revolutionize the automotive industry. As more and more cars dime themselves and as more of them create data networks, this will truly change how people view and operate cars. This is where American leadership can shine through again. A lot of people are thinking that automotive innovation is really just all about creating a better mouse trap or improving on the wheel. This is not true.

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It involves creating a moving ecosystem of data conduits that take the form of a car. That is the future and guess who is on the ball. That’s right. Detroit. Because a lot of these concepts were pioneered in Detroit before companies like apple made them popular. Tesla can be counted on to grab a lot of eyeballs as they publish press release after press release. But at the end of the day, a lot of these concepts are not exactly earth shattering. They’ve been around for decades. In fact, a lot of these ideas are essentially just repacked concepts.

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