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Seeing eye to eye is easier with vape juice

Seeing eye to eye is easier with vape juice

I remember one time, me and my friends hung out and I didn’t know that there was a lot of tension. I only found out when one of my friends after enough beers finally got up, and we thought it was getting to ready to leave and then he swung around and knocked one of my other buddies to the floor. You’d be surprised as to how much damage 200 lbs. of force put behind a balled-up fist can inflict on somebody’s jaw. It took quite a while to patch things up, but that experience was quite traumatic to me because there’s all sorts of tensions that can bubble up from the surface and it also highlighted to me how gifted and skilled people are in keeping those tensions well hidden. You may be feeling a wide range of conflicting emotions against somebody, but sometimes when you drink enough alcohol, all these come rushing to the surface kind of like an uncontrolled volcanic eruption and it’s anybody’s guess what will happen.

This is why I prefer now to avoid alcohol and instead just hang out with buddies enjoying some premium vape juice. Personally, I use only e-liquids that do not have any trace of nicotine. That’s just my thing, that’s how I roll. But, I’m perfectly okay with friends of mine who use vape juice with nicotine. After all, that’s how e-liquids are marketed; that’s the reason most people use e-liquids in the first place; that’s the reason why people vape in the first place. Whatever the case maybe, I’m more chill with vapers rather than alcohol, beer or worst yet hard liquor.

One thing I noticed with the vaping scene, is that people are more likely to see eye to eye. This doesn’t flow automatically. The moment somebody whips out a vaporizer, it really boils down to the mood that you set, and a lot of that really turns on the kind of vape juice you make available. If you want to get people edgy or if you want people to tense up, you might want to consider serving vape juice that is reminiscing of alcohol. I think my theory regarding that, is that when people taste alcohol although the vape juice in of itself doesn’t have any alcohol, they get triggered, they remember how they are when they’re drunk. They remember how uninhibited they can be when they get tipsy. As a result, this automatic response leads to certain things being said; people being rude to each other; it kind of goes downhill from there.

Normally, I would serve a vape juice that is citrus in nature-like, lemonade, lemon lime, even 7UP style of e-juice. If I really want to mellow out, I serve bubble gum e-juice. That’s the trick most of the time, people are able to just chill and see eye to eye. This means that if somebody has certain things against somebody, they more likely to listen and instead of doing everything or even critiques as the worst personal insult, people will have an open mind to sharing information; people are less likely to take things personally.

This is the key to seeing eye to eye. This is the key to resolving tensions, because hey, let’s face it – people being people, there will always be hard topics that we’d rather avoid. There will always be things that we say at the wrong time that produce the wrong reactions with people. That’s just the way things are, and it would be great if we allow ourselves to see eye to eye more often, because great friendships worth preserving. We may be set in our ways, but this does not necessarily mean we can arrive at a safe middle ground that would preserve our friendship and possibly deepen it. The choice of the right vape juice can definitely go a long way in facilitating this.

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